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List of multiaccounters

Posted: Mon Aug 28, 2017 10:36 am
by Corbeau
Right now there is no fixed rule or sanction for people using multi accounts. However, this is where the community can step in. Right now there is a strong coalition sweeping one set of multi(es) in at least one of the games so let's share data. If you have knowledge or strong suspicion about someone heavily abusing this loophole, please share it here.

Re: List of multiaccounters

Posted: Mon Aug 28, 2017 8:37 pm
by AndreasR
> no fixed rule or sanction for people using multi accounts.

Playing with multiple accounts is currently considered cheating. Doing this will get you disqualified. There is even some simple measures to prevent creating multiple accounts, by disallowing the "New user account" button when you have been previously logged in.

Re: List of multiaccounters

Posted: Mon Aug 28, 2017 9:44 pm
by Corbeau
Did anyone get disqualified yet?

Re: List of multiaccounters

Posted: Mon Aug 28, 2017 10:45 pm
by sasak
Lexxie, Hagen, Reckless along with mooreinthestore were transfering many techs, and cities from other players:
Lexxie started game 2 about turn 50, in 60 turns she become biggest nation in population.
Ask yourself how total newbie becames greatest nation in 60 turns when other civilization have played 110 turns.
She is really beginner in freeciv, eg she attacked my city leaving her cities on hills with walls very vulnerable, allowing to conquer her 8 cities in 1 turn.
She was sending many abusive messages to me since then, even 20-30 per turn. In last turn she was even threataning my real life. So she must banned even for that. Her messagess should be in savegame.
She transfered many cities in south east via hagen and mooreinthestore to herself. She says than english player hates me its why they transfrred cities to her. But i saw only english cities ruled by hagan and never even met that nation.
Hagen joined game about turn 80-90. Instead joining any newer game he decides to join that one. Since then he is passing all technologies from reckless to mooreinthestore. Reckless gets even refining from philosphy. He mass produces freights to finish darwin. He is builing only diplomats to steal technologies. Despite he has rail and all new technologies, he doesnt improve his land at all. He is also getting technologies from hagen so he can steal better technologies.
When i attacked hagen he magically logged in 20 secs, i checked nation tab and only lexxie was online then ... What is chance for something like that 0.1 %?
Also hagen and reckless were logging and idling the same turns, it was visible in nation tab.
Whats the chance they magically were skipping the same turns and logging in the same turns ?
mooreinthestore - when he saw that im his neigbour in game 4 and my army is coming for him he immeditaly gave all cities to another player ... Thats real spirit !
In game 2 he is allied with lexxie and are probably something like brothers in cheats. Considering all city transfer were through him he must be involved.

Pungtryne is cheater probably too:

Thats information based on save game from hostedredmine published by Andreas.
in turn 33 his statistics:

He didnt killed any single unit by then but created already 12 cities.
I dont know how other players but i had space maximum for 5-6 cities. Practially everyone non idle players killed some units by then.
Assuming he is extremelly peaceful how he become so big nation by turn 120.
In turn 120 most of his units are green, so for sure he didnt got his land by conquering. I think he might be controlling maybe even 10% of map.
So ask yourself how he got so much land.
Also his newbie, despite superior start he is very slow in every aspect of game.

My statistics to compare:

So i killed 28 units by then, destroyed 2 neigbours so I got more space. Despite my early war im still getting cities size 8 almost 10 turns faster than pungtryne. Then he proves he is realy newbie by rapturing cities to size 12, with high luxury probably, when Im easily finishing banks, and killing more neigbours to expand to 24 cities. So im easily raptuing cities to size 16-20 about 15 turns before him. And i didnt got any extra techs, i traded only with somali for 4 techs but still i gave much more.

And they call me cheater because i could kill them all or I kill too fast, yeah it why i got railroad and artillery.
So answer how Pungtryne gets so much land being so peaceful ?

And yes I created few extra acc at end to see how that cheater acc works. I didnt got any single benefit from it.

And I would beat them all together because im just better, not by any cheats. Look my kill statistics almsot 10 to 1.
Even by turn 120 I think i could kill about 1000 units and lost less than 200.
Releasing some late save game will tell the truth how they really expanded their territory ... I bet lexxie mooreinthestore killed almost no units, just
"bought" their cities like they say.

I left game, all my cities are producing mech inf ... go and take them if you can, but i really doubt it ...

Re: List of multiaccounters

Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 1:11 am
by Corbeau
Actually, I meant this thread to be used for stuff like "X and Y are the same person", not general whining.

And if Lexxie, Mooreinstore and Reckless are the same person, then they deserve an Oscar and a Nobel prize combined because his/her cover is so brilliant that it surpasses any human acting talent. I communicate(d) extensively with the three of them and I am utterly, completely fooled.

Also, if "transferring techs" is a proof of guilt, then I'm the same person, too. Which is obvious because, after all, I am defending them.

If someone is sending abusive messages through chat, you should report it to the admins and maybe publish it. As it is, you are making yourself look like a crybaby.

Re: List of multiaccounters

Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 5:21 am
by AndreasR
The negative comments, cheating and bad behaviour needs to stop. I am currently considering if there should be more LongTurn games on Freeciv-web in the future.

What can we do to improve the situation and have better behaviour?

Re: List of multiaccounters

Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 7:15 am
by Corbeau
For starters, punish the individuals, not the whole community.

Re: List of multiaccounters

Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 5:59 pm
by mooreinstore
I have not called you a cheater Sasake. I have called you the Hitler of our game or dark lord. I even made a joke that you were like a character in this Polish film I made everyone watch called Day of the Wacko. I quite enjoy having you take on the role as the great adversary of Game 2. I did not take that personal. I think that you and Lexxie and maybe (not sure) Pungtryne have made this personal. I tend to play these games - especially Games 1 & 2 - just to be social. I'm not trying to conquer the map. I'm just making friends with people. So many small civs in the game now have enormous tech - because I gave it to them. Many allies (Lexxie) have complained about Santa Brian giving out tech to little civs that should be conquered I call it my Koom Bye Ya strategy. It was just more fun to hang out with these people than just run them over.
I am the only one who enjoyed dealing with Reckless. Everyone was mad when I gave him tech! He was still mad at Corbeau for stuff in Game 1 and accused Lexxie of being a liar in a rant I did not quite understand. Frankly, I could not decide if Reckless was dumb or crazy! So I would give him more tech. I wanted to see what he would do. Evidently, he chose to steal tech from Sasake. I did not give him philosophy. So upon getting philosophy, he received refining. So Reckless was not cheating. Sometimes he distorted the English language talking like he was on Jersey Shore and I, an American, had to have Corbeau, a Croatian, translate what Reckless wrote for me.
I will miss you guys. Clearly Longturn is coming to an end on this site. We are driving Andreas crazy. This is supposed to be just a fun hobby I imagine for him. I'm pretty sure he's doing this for free. If a bunch of us chip in 100 euros a piece maybe there will be a Game 8 next year: Reunion.

Re: List of multiaccounters

Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 6:25 pm
by pungtryne
I see that my name is mentioned here, so I encourage whoever to inspect savegame to see how I got my cities. I had practically no active neighbours, therefore I had such a good start. The one active neighbour I had didn't protect his cities even, so I could just destroy them with warriors. It's not hard to have 12 cities by turn 33 if you just have the room.

Re: List of multiaccounters

Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 7:40 pm
by wieder
On games it's quite usual to have small or bigger "forum wars" once someone figures out a new trick or breaks the negotiated deals in a creative way :)

Giving out free techs to all the small nations is an effectve way to keep the game running for a longer time. It also allows some nations to use 100% of resources to war and that makes the small nations quite effective war machines. They only need to keep max tax all the time. All the resources those nations use on research are wasted.