LongTurn Game 7 for Freeciv-web

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Re: LongTurn Game 7 for Freeciv-web

Postby AndreasR » Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:01 am

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Re: LongTurn Game 7 for Freeciv-web

Postby Zelrond » Wed Aug 30, 2017 10:05 pm

AndreasR wrote:This will be the last LongTurn game on Freeciv-web. In the future I will focus on the game-type which is most popular, which is single-player. Have a nice day!

Hi Andreas, wow this isn't good news. I lived playing many singleplayers and the longturn is the most fun ive had until now. I know it must be hard because not few from us players aren't nice people online and some even get carried away by taking personally the stuff that happens ingame. Thats a sad bad feature of practically any multiplayer game (or online comunity/social network actually).

But it's also true that it's more common at the beggining, and depending on the moderators actions and the weight of it's own comunity it can evolve into something much better with time. I truly believe that patience and good will can beat the trolls and bad atitudes.

I hope you change your mind sometime in the "not so near but not so far" future. I really look forward every turn, every day in every longturn game im in, i was even waiting for the next one to start already!

Please don't lose faith and like always keep up the amazing work! The best people (the ones that i believe could with time help build a better comunity) maybe just dont say it out loud, but i'm convinced they really apretiate what you and whoever helps you have been doing, that's what i'm really doing right now! And i hope they also come and state their own opinions as well.

Again, thanks and good luck in whatever you decide!

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Re: LongTurn Game 7 for Freeciv-web

Postby Caedo » Thu Aug 31, 2017 10:39 pm

Alright, let's take a step back and settle down for a moment. There are a few things we have to think about.

Firstly, Freeciv wasn't originally designed for hundreds of players. With the sudden influx of people willing to seriously dedicate their time to Freeciv-web for months, there were a lot of requests, a lot of new bugs uncovered, and in general, a lot of work for the developer.
Speaking of whom, secondly, I'm pretty sure Andreas has plenty of work other than Freeciv-web, so this must all have been pretty stressful for him and we should be thankful that we even get to enjoy this, and for free.
Thirdly, the Freeciv server has barely any built-in moderation tools, so when all of the insults and accusations of cheating built up to a climax lately, Andreas had to take a ton of shit without the proper means to do so, and honestly, all of this would've burnt out most of us.

So let's give him some time to rest, and then, if he does contemplate the possibility of continuing Freeciv-web Longturn games in the future, we can all pitch ideas and, if we have the skills to, contribute to implementing proper moderation tools into the Freeciv server. If we're going to make Freeciv MMO-complete, we're going to need that, and we're going to need moderators. Then we can continue, maybe spacing the games a bit more.

Over the last twenty years, maintenance of Freeciv has shifted from hands to hands; hosting, source code, everything has moved from person to person. For the first time in the history of Freeciv, we now have the chance to build one solid, dedicated community that can work around this wonderful game. So let's do this right.

Andreas, take your time to pick yourself up. I'm not going to lie, how you handled some of this was maybe not ideal, but we all still love you. You've made all of this possible in the first place, so even if we're mad at some things, we should be glad to be here at all. And I'm sure a lot of us would be willing to do what they can to make this community and its game greater than ever before.