LT60 starting in few weeks, January 2021

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LT60 starting in few weeks, January 2021

Postby wieder » Wed Dec 30, 2020 3:22 pm

Our latest game in Longturn Traditional series will be called LT60. It's scheduled to start in early 2021 and it's an island based game on LTT ruleset.

This latest setup features all the latest stuff for making tech trading fun, fair and not a popularity contest. We also have full tech leakage making the techs cheap for those who did not get a good start or are less experienced with the game. In addition to that the game was made even more competitive by adding multiple Leonardo's Workshop style of wonders: when the top players get some of the late techs, multiple units for all the players start upgrading. not only for the top players but for everyone. we call this feature "fair & fun" - but that's not all! We also have another Leonardo's workshop called Verroccio's Workshop named after the mentor or Leonardo. With this setup there is a world wonder for those who get the tech first and also a small wonder for those who get it later. The first one get's the full benefit but those who come late also get something.

This game will be islands based with allied victory and it will also be teamless.

With this setup you will win with skill but the game is not about luck in the early game. Making the game more hard for the good players and helping the less experienced players will make it fun. What's the point if one player gets in the lead by turn 30 and only needs to avoid making mistakes. With this setup all the players have a chance to win.