War begins!

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War begins!

Postby wieder » Mon May 18, 2020 3:32 pm

We have a new game about to start soon. The exact date is not yet decided but LT53, longturn's second Freeciv 2.6 based game, is going to start in about a week and the signups may be closed few days before the start.


This game is more about building your civilization for the inevitable war. The ruleset is designed to be very similar to the ones in the warclient games. The working name for the ruleset is Multiplayer 3 warciv. The game will be played in 23h turns and the game will take roughly 90 turns. This means completing it should take roughly 2/3 of the turns longturn.net traditional games take.

There will be a very good guide for playing the game and it's made by an actual veteran warclient player.