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Re: Threats and hate rants from Lexxie (Freeciv-Web admin)

Posted: Wed Nov 11, 2020 1:42 am
by Dino the Dinosore
Changing the topic here, but this is important to me.

the best gaming experience; allowing Freeciv games to be played in a browser.

I do not agree about best gaming experience. That might be true for multi-player, but I can't do multi-player due to my personal situation. I have tried single player on Freeciv-web and find at least these drawbacks compared to desktop version -
1 desktop version (at least some graphics clients e.g. GTK3) supports zooming/scaling the map graphics with the + and - keys.
2 when your ISP goes down (like mine did for 2 days recently after a windstorm) you can't play Freeciv-web at all.
3 the biggest issue for me - Freeciv-web can't use my custom made ruleset.

I certainly hope the desktop version continues to be supported and developed.

Re: Threats and hate rants from Lexxie (Freeciv-Web admin)

Posted: Thu Nov 12, 2020 2:18 pm
by Corbeau
Dino the Dinosore wrote:I can't do multi-player due to my personal situation

Just checking, do you know how longturn works?

As for client vs. web, simply, web will never be as good because the client is made FOR this. Web will always have small glitches, occasional lags and stuff, while the client is sturdy and reliable. In web interface I always have to think about what I'm doing just because a small unpredicted half-second lag (not always caused by connection but simply by the fact the browser architecture is made for other stuff, not for Freeciv) can result in a wrong order being issued.

This never happens with the client.