General Optimization Thread

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General Optimization Thread

Postby Raikazu » Fri Nov 04, 2016 11:47 pm

Hello folks! i see what theres some people what the game is turning slow when they play so i wanted to help on this so here whe go here i will put some tips for try to solve the situation also i hope this help you a lot :D :

1- Try to down the size of the map:

-if you down the size of the map before beginning a game you should try to follow this tip because more size more ram eating:

10-15 size is acceptable for play and you will se obviously what the map will generate more faster

30-45- Slow if you have poor resources in your pc when the map is generating

2- Less AI Players or Less Players:

If you use so many players on the game you will notice what the game will stuck a lot or maybe not if you have a good computer so if you put 10 or 15 will be acceptable, or less works obviously if you want

3- Down your Resolution

if you down a little your resolution the game should work more faster but maybe some other thinks will be not noticed on the game

4- Off animations on in-game options
in in-game options you will see options like graphics, fonts etc you will see some animations options on graphics

And thats all dudes i hope what this worked for you!!!! :D
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Re: General Optimization Thread

Postby uncivilizedplayer » Sun Nov 06, 2016 1:13 pm

the only real unworkable slowdown I know of is when you have trade routes displayed, other operations get very slow, in particular path prediction (goto) (GTK2 client)