Happiness question

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Happiness question

Postby goz » Fri Mar 29, 2019 3:48 pm

Hello, I'm new and I don't understand something, not like this is a likely situation in reality I guess but I just don't understand: I made a 6 population town in the map editor, if 6 + town tile is worked I have 4 contents 2 unhappy, if 1 citizen is entertainer there is now 1 happy 2 contents 2 unhappy 1 entertainer, if 2: 2h 2u 2 entertainers, but if I put 3 entertainers I have 2h 1u 3 entertainers, since the last entertainer is self content and gives 2 luxury, isn't the unhappy one supposed to become content ? What confuses me even more if that if I make a 8 population town, with 4 entertainers it has 2h 2u 4 entertainers like expected from the previous situation (even if I don't know why yet), but this time with yet another entertainer I do have 2h 1 content 5 entertainers so this time an unhappy seem to have become content.

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Re: Happiness question

Postby goz » Fri Mar 29, 2019 9:17 pm

I asked on discord and they didn't know either but I found why it works this way, and maybe it is not intended to work this way, if it is maybe the manual shall be more clear about it since even very experienced players didn't know :

A town with 8 citizens starts with ccccuuuu
- making an entertainer convert a c to entertainer (e) and add 2 luxury which are added to a c, making him happy: hccuuuue
- another e convert a c to e and add 2 lux to last c: hhuuuuee
- here is where it's not so expected: another e takes a HAPPY(because without the 2 lux he received he is just another c), thus while the new e add 2 lux, the 2 previous lux that were given to c are available again, so 2 and 2 are given to a u to make him h: hhuuueee
- The same happen with another e, it takes the last c that was made happy: hhuueeee, all c became e and were able to make 2 u h with 2*4 lux.
- Now, since the h and u left were all the u from the start, it finally takes a u, giving 2 lux to the last u making him content: hhceeeee.

It all makes sense in the end: first citizens to be changed to entertainers when there is 0 lux are the c, then the u (I started learning this game since a few days only so I don't know yet if it's possible to have any h without luxury and thus if those would be converted first, in which case it would seem to be useless or even a bad thing to make him entertainer instead of anything else)

So, if this is intended, it should be written in the manual as it's not what I expected when for example I read this "Thus one solution to the problem of an unhappy citizen is simply to assign that citizen to the role of a specialist.", the word "that", no ! it's not "that" citizen that would be made entertainer, it's a content unless there is only unhappy citizens. Should you want to improve the manual for beginners here is the list of everything that confused me during those last days:
- "shields" which have nothing to do with defence
- "trade" which is definitely not what you would expect (it sounded obviously like something you exchange for something else, here it's just a kind of resource that barely can have such a name in the sense it can be exchanged for science gold or luxury)
- archers NOT being ranged units that could damage from a few tiles without being damaged back by melee units
- planes somehow being able to be attacked back when attacking a unit with a sword (before writing that I had to test it myself to be able to believe such a thing)
- the number of citizen in a city being between 1 and 20 and somehow showing on top of the city screen "10 000", "600 000" citizen, not even a different word
- some cities in tilesets with skyscraper visible even when nothing has been researched, I come from another game where the population and age of a city have adapted artworks, there can be big cavemen and tiny futuristic cities
- in this same game the rivers SLOW movement of land units, which quite makes sense since by land and without a raft it's not easy
- Highest Peak/Deep Trench/Scorched Spot/Frozen Lake doing nothing, there is a real lot to learn in this game so it would have helped a bit to not make me search for something that does nothing at all (edit: now that I know the game better, there is a tiny thing they might do: if a "Frozen Lake" is not ice when revealed from the fog, it means someone transformed it so there might be a player nearby, or if global warming happened and it's ocean it probably mean it was coastal and thus that further tiles are ocean too).