Where has the spaceship gone? v 2.6.7

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Where has the spaceship gone? v 2.6.7

Postby mrjjacobs » Tue Dec 25, 2018 4:13 pm

Hello. Since the last time I installed Freeciv, on my smartphone, I can't seem to build the spaceship any more. Please can someone tell how to activate it, if it's still available?

(I'm not sure whether we ever established whether it's possible to complete the spaceship and/or launch it, but it was fun getting it that far anyway, and ... well, I feel like my toys have been taken away from me.)


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Re: Where has the spaceship gone? v 2.6.7

Postby pesi82 » Wed Aug 21, 2019 9:28 am

Apparently, as default option with classic ruleset it is now disabled to win via space race. I stumbled across the very same and did the following: I copied the save file from my phone to my desktop, extracted the actual text file from the *.gz and loaded it into FreeCiv for Windows and still couldn't build spaceships.
I started a template game on Windows, where spacerace was enabled and compared the save files. The following line needed to be changed:


I loaded my the savegame in Windows now and was able to build my Space Components.
I will now try to get this save file back into my phone and will also try to change the default settings there and be back with an update on how this all worked out, but I have some work on my chest now. Expect an update here in one week at the latest.

Copying back to my phone and building Space Components actually did work. Saving the game and loading it again also did not take away the Space Components. I was not able to locate the default setting files on my phone though so far anyway, so one would have to do this procedure for each game once. (Not too bad, given you only have to do it in some later stage of the game)