Can't beat the AI? Is it too tame? Discuss the best strategies!
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Postby kekgames » Sun Sep 16, 2018 6:14 pm

When I start a new game I play it in the least difficulty possible but in a short time another civilization declares war and conquers me in less than 30 turns because it is very difficult to survive without being attacked by another civilization !?

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Postby Caedo » Sun Sep 16, 2018 9:29 pm

Did you try playing the Tutorial scenario?
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Postby kekgames » Mon Sep 17, 2018 12:15 am

Caedo wrote:Did you try playing the Tutorial scenario?

yeah i do but i cant with the ai

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Postby Corbeau » Mon Sep 17, 2018 7:26 am

Ok, let's take a few steps back. Firstly, do you understand most of the mechanics? Building cities, collecting tax/bulbs, doing the research?

And, just checking, how old are you and what is your overall experience with strategy games?
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Postby nef » Mon Sep 17, 2018 5:30 pm

My very first Civ I game turned into a slugfest, and I would have been playing at the lowest level (= freeciv novice). But I gradually progressed up to always playing emperor (= cheating). The difference in difficulty between Civ I levels was quite dramatic. In freeciv the differences are subtle so it is not too surprising that you are having some difficulties. But don't give up. Set survival times as personal goals.

To help with the learning process you might want to "cheat" a little. Change two server options. When starting a new game with the GTK client you will be offered "More Game Options ...". Select this and then the Military tab.

The two options are:

Whether to enable fog of war (uncheck the box).
Reveal the map (check the box reveal map at game start).

Don't forget apply (and save if you wish to keep these for your later games).

The fog of war option will tilt (level) the playing field a little (to you). map reveal will just help you figure out how the AI play the game (both you and the AI get the same benefit).

Additional comments: the tutorial is wrong about building a defender. This is/was a relic from Civ I etc.. In freeciv the game engine has different turn dynamics, so you need to expand first and fast (i.e. build settlers for new cities), then defend before the barbs and/or other AI's come. The options above will help you with this. Typically barbs start after turn 60 so it is a good idea to have bronze working and masonry before turn 60. When you start the game select the research report (under the civilization menu) and change to bronze working BEFORE you finish your first turn (after building your first city). One phalanx behind city walls is often enough defense against barbs (two to be sure). Much less is needed for defense against other AI's early in the game, in fact nothing at all if all they have is an explorer. One warrior in the city is good against a single attacking warrior ( or phalanx). The research report tab will change color when you need to select your next tech. Always check the messages when the message tab changes color, BEFORE you make any moves etc.

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Postby DVSDOG » Thu Dec 20, 2018 4:51 am

Hi, try this. Though it states for normal, trust me,it'll work just fine for beginner.
Feel free to contact me for more questions/insights.
Freeciv is a really fun game when you get the hang of it.

Under Default rules and AI set to normal.

1. Choose Roman: You have two settlers, two workers and an explorer.
2. Check your map by scrolling up and down. This way you know if you are on the bottom, top or in the middle.
3. Use your explorer and choose a direction. Go up or down to see north/south borders. Move workers in other directions to open up the screen. Now move one settler in a likely dircection to build a city away from your first settler. Now either build your city with your first settler, or move it one or two spaces for better location and build. There is a benefit for building around your capital, but don't sweat it.

Point form to play normal:

-Choose Roman
-Build cities and expand
- Every city builds a settler and keep expanding
- First research Ceremonial Burial, next Mapmaking.
- If you run out of land to build on before Mapmaking (you should) then use Settlers to improve land until you can build Trieme.
- After Mapmaking, research, Masonry, then Bronzeworking, Pottery, Monarchy, Monotheism.
- After your capital builds two settlers, build temple, then start building the Pyramids.
- Keep expanding, using Trieme to move settlers to next closest Island.
- The further away a city is from your capital, the more corruption. Don't worry about it for now. At the beginning of the game it's a red herring.
- Put a Phalanx in each city, then a diplomat.
- Don't spend your money unless necessary. Why? If someone is attacking you, including pirates, you can change production to combat it, or you can bribe the units. This gives you control.
- Always accept a ceasefire with another nation. If you can avoid it early on, avoid making contact. The reason is you only have so many turns before the ceasefire runs out. AI is not keen on making peace, but if you get an embassy built before ceasfire ends, they are much more accommodating.

- avoid war and never break a treaty.
- make alliances when asked, but be wary of making too many.
- If you are beside an AI and you can't avoid conflict, your main strategy is to create an embassy then start stealing technology. You'll also have to make sure you have lots of phalanx's in border cities. Through stealing technology you should get other units to attack.