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How would I make the AI play for 100 turns?

Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2018 12:59 am
by Hans Lemurson
I want to create a modern filled-out world, but I don't want to spend the time playing through a game myself, or influencing the results of the world.

How would I go about making the AI play through the game for a fixed number of turns?

When I make myself the Observer, nobody does anything and I can't figure out how to end the turn. And even so, I'm not too keen on pressing the button 100 times, although that would be acceptable if there are no alternatives.

I activated the "AI-Auto-play" feature, but this just results in FreeCiv freezing and becoming unresponsive, and I can't easily just stop the world when I want to. Can I make the game pause after a pre-set number of turns?

How do I make this go? There are so many weird and strange buttons and knobs to pull.