What is the agreed correct start?

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What is the agreed correct start?

Postby Agg » Fri Dec 25, 2015 5:00 pm

Currently, I just spam settlers, try to grab as much land as possible, and build settlers in new cities while researching Republic. After Republic, I get Temples in all cities before pop. 3. and later Harbors in coastal cities. I then struggle to rapture for a few turns, but it doesn't really work out.

I don't think I'm supposed to build city -> build settler in new city -> build another city, because this is really slow and cities farther form my starting location are too far behind later on.

What type of improvements are needed early on? Are temples needed? In general, what is the best way to play for the first 100 turns?

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Re: What is the agreed correct start?

Postby T1000 » Sat Dec 26, 2015 8:30 pm

You need to help cities to grow to size 3,
so either you might get harbours first
- if city is size 1 consider buying granary or adding 1 extra settler after growing to 2
if city size 2 has poor food -> then just add settler.

You can also build hanging gardens to help rapture or oracle.

Farming mode for 100 turns loks like:
You spam settlers, if have good capital get granary and spam most settlers from there, let other cities grow.
Get republic, build harbours, temples, start building caravans,
rapture to size 8,
make trade routes, buy markets,
for 8-9 coastal cities you might be able to be close to research democracy from revenues from caravans.
Switch to democracy, get banks, aqueducts, rapture to size 12, buy libraries
research sanitation,economics,
Then buy sewers, stocks
then universities, grab isaac newton if you can,

if you have a lot of ocean then go miniaturization and offshores.
if you have a lot of land go for superhighways.

Reaerch computers ...
And then you should be close to turn 100.

If you didnt get computers, restore savegame.
( starting units for that is 3 settlers, 3 workers, 4 explorers )

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Re: What is the agreed correct start?

Postby uncivilizedplayer » Fri Jan 08, 2016 1:53 pm

Whatever you do, avoid war early on, it will drag you down centuries, so strong defense only

try to diplomatically beat attackers by giving their enemies technology or gold, invest in trade routes even if this is very costly at first

You can almost always beat the AI on hard this way, with experiemntal ruleset, unless you spawn really bad.