How to win a combat

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How to win a combat

Postby mfans » Sun Dec 14, 2014 11:46 am

I play with 2.4.4 and it is the first time to meet a war. I have a question how to win a combat? I used Legion, but it can't defeat a Phalanx (it was fortified). I saw the Phalanxs and Warriors idled on my territory,but I can't destroy them. How to do?
Another question, How to cease a war via Diplomacy?
And for a game using conquering rule, is it a right way to research military science first? I went directly to Republic and I find it is useless. I have a weak army by all.

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Re: How to win a combat

Postby Caedo » Sun Dec 14, 2014 12:03 pm

If you're at war, you should probably switch to Monarchy or Communism.
Also, in order to win battles, the trick is to not attack, but defend.
For an attacker, the only combat boni they get are their veteran status (if they are veterans).
Defenders however get a bonus from their veteran status, being fortified (x1.5), the terrain they're on (up to x3 in mountains), when they're inside a city or fortress etc.
You should probably try to get yourself some catapults/cannons/artillery, because those are good at attacking. You should also have barracks in the city you build them in, so that they spawn as veterans.
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Re: How to win a combat

Postby rainbowrobin » Sun Dec 14, 2014 11:48 pm

Unless they massively changed things in 2.4.4, units have hit points; you destroy tough units by wearing them down with multiple attacks in a round. Yes, that takes a lot of production; Civ has never rewarded attacking an equal opponent, IMO. If you're playing chess with Civ, you're losing to someone who isn't wasting resources in a war.

And yeah, a stock Legion has attack of 4. A veteran Phalanx has defense of 3 (2x1.5), and 4.5 if in forest (x1.5), or 6 on hills (x2). And if there's one thing the AIs are good at, it's building Barracks and producing veteran units.

Republic units aren't any weaker, but there's no free support as with autocratic governments, and they make your cities unhappy if they go outside your cities or your borders, depending on server option.

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Re: How to win a combat

Postby Ozor Mox » Wed Dec 17, 2014 2:05 pm

mfans wrote:Another question, How to cease a war via Diplomacy?

Open the diplomacy window with that civilization and offer them a cease-fire through the pacts menu. If they won't accept ("this deal wasn't very good for us"), you could try offering them gold or techs in exchange for peace. If they still won't accept, they probably want to destroy you. You'll have to keep offering them a cease-fire but if their attitude is uncooperative or below, they probably won't accept.

On easier difficulties, the AI is a bit less aggressive and more likely to offer or accept a cease-fire.