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Default Settings

Posted: Tue Jul 29, 2014 4:40 pm
by Arbogast
I raised this topic before with very insufficient answers.
I play alone with a lot of modifications in the 'More Game Options' and I save them into a file '[...].freeciv-client-rc-2.x' but I can't /read it.
I do have a file named 'my_settings.serv' which I CAN read, but the 'More Game Options' shows the default settings, not my settings.
My question is: How do I change the settings, save them and recall them, both for the server and the client ends?
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Re: Default Settings

Posted: Wed Jul 30, 2014 2:19 pm
by Nimrod
Any server settings files (.serv) must be located in your programs directory in order for Freeciv to be able to "see" it. Having files elsewhere can sometimes be problematic, you may have to verify your environment variables to see if the directories where the serv files are located actually can be seen by Freeciv (such as with a PATH statement).

Re: Default Settings

Posted: Wed Jul 30, 2014 4:32 pm
by Arbogast
At last an answer! Merci Nimrod!
My .serv and .rc-2 files are in their default settings. I don't understand your 'programs directory'. My .serv files are in c:\Documents and Settings\...\.freeciv\*.* and the .rc2 files are in c:\Documents and Settings\...\Application Data\*.*, so what's wrong?
I have no problem 'reading' the .serv file, but the game doesn't takes the settings into account, it shows the /read in the chat window but the 'more game options' don't show the wanted settings. And as far for the .rc-2 file I don't know how to load it, /read gives an error message.

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Re: Default Settings

Posted: Wed Jul 30, 2014 5:15 pm
by cazfi
The problem with the .serv file is probably simply in that client UI ("More Game Options") doesn't update when the settings in the server are changed by reading the file. I don't use "More Game Options" myself, so I've not seen such a problem. Anyway, as long as server has the settings read, those are the rules it forces in the game.

As for the .rc -file, that's client settings client reads automatically when launched.

Re: Default Settings

Posted: Thu Jul 31, 2014 2:25 pm
by Arbogast
Well, I launched a new game this way:
As soon I got the window that starts the game, I typed "/read [...]my_settings.serv" in the chat window and it shows all my settings. Fine.
I started the game and discovered that nothing was taken into account.
cazfi wrote: Anyway, as long as server has the settings read, those are the rules it forces in the game.

This is not the case

Re: Default Settings

Posted: Thu Jul 31, 2014 4:57 pm
by cazfi
Right, it doesn't work logical, but "user-friendly" way. Client actually requests server to change (some?) settings, even if user does not him/herself. Client stores the settings it will request from server in its configuration file (the "...-rc-..." file). I don't time to check just now, but I assume that it stores just those settings that user has explicitly changed for the game.

So, try:
1) Make your adjustments in "More Game Options"
2) Start a game
3) Game -> Options -> Save Options Now
4) Close client
5) Start a new game without touching "More Game Options"

Is it ok now?

Another thing that might happen with your "/read my_settings.serv" is that if you change the ruleset, settings will be set back to (ruleset) defaults. Could you also attach my_settings.serv for me to check?

Re: Default Settings

Posted: Fri Aug 01, 2014 4:39 pm
by Arbogast
OK,Thanks Cazfi, You got me on the right road.
When I "/read my_settings.serv" right off the bat I get that bad reading. But if you declare the ruleset first -from default to default3, fer inztanse- and and then call the /read xxx, then everything falls into place. My bad, sorry.
I tried this new path and all is peachy.
Merci anyway

EDIT: But if you start a new game, then write "/read c:\Documents and Settings\...\.freeciv\my_ settings.serv" and only that, then start the game, that's when everything goes haywire.
So, I'm including the requested file anyway.

Re: Default Settings

Posted: Mon Aug 04, 2014 2:44 pm
by Nimrod
Sorry for not responding sooner, I've been busy & sick over the past few days.

Anyhow, Program directory refers to the location where the Freeciv program is installed in windows. You're definitely running a version of windows as your O/S, and based on the location of your user profile (C:\Documents and Setting\etc..) I'm 99% sure that it's Windows XP. Starting with Win Vista going forward, Microsoft uses a different directory structure for user profiles.

That being said, if you accepted the default values during installation, Freeciv is likely located here C:\Program Files\Freeciv-2.x.x-gtk2" where the "x" varies based on the installed version.

Serv game files are much easier to read by Freeciv if they are copy/pasted into the Data directory of your Freeciv program directory. You will find that there are already several serv files there, which come with stock installation files. Issuing the command "/read myservfile.serv" for any new game where the serv file is already located in the data directory will almost always work, but if it's elsewhere then Freeciv will have trouble "seeing" the file. We could get into a discussion about PATH statements but that's unnecessarily advanced for what you want to accomplish.

Of course, this presupposes that there's nothing wrong with your serv file. Manually editing it in your favourite text editor is risky business if you don't know what your doing. Comparing it to other serv files is probably a good idea :D

Re: Default Settings

Posted: Mon Aug 04, 2014 9:26 pm
by Arbogast
Nimrod: Thanks for the explanations, but I don't understand any of it. Let me digest all of and get back to you.
Anyway, thanks for your concern.

Re: Default Settings

Posted: Tue Aug 05, 2014 2:36 pm
by Nimrod
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