Martial Law

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Martial Law

Postby gajatko » Tue Jan 28, 2014 11:57 am


How can turn on a martial law? There is a disabled button "wył" (which means 'off') next to a crown icon in a status frame (top-left). I have a monarchy, all cities have riots and civ is dying. And a war with a neighbour AI is lasting for milennia, how can I make a peace? Please give me a where-to-click answer because I have GUI in polish.


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Re: Martial Law

Postby cazfi » Tue Jan 28, 2014 5:48 pm

The "off" you are seeing is timeout (time to end of turn) often used in multiplayer games. Martial Law does not need separate activation, military units in cities automatically impose it. Under Monarchy maximum of three units make one point of population content each, fourth unit does not help any more. You need to use other means to make people content after that - building temples, cathedrals, colosseums, making some citizens entertainers, building wonders like Hanging Gardens and Oracle, directing part of your income to luxuries.
It's often hard to get AI to accept peace when you've made him mad to you with the war. To propose it go to Civilization -> Nations menu (or press F3), select the other party, Diplomacy -> Meet. Propose Pact -> Ceasefire and add any other clauses you want to propose, click Thumb up to accept from your side.