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Save and Load

Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2015 6:42 pm
by Inrock

I've been trying to save and load a game, but unfortunately haven't succeeded. I'm using Chrome or Explorer and have Windows 8 installed, so I guess that should be OK to play this game online.

I can save a game (Game saved succesfully), but when trying to load a game, automatically a new game starts. This also happens when I want to play a scenario, a game starts with the defaut settings (no scenario).

Before this happened (yesterday), I got a message saying "username is null". In either case, I haven't been able to load the game.

As you can ingaine, playing without saving progress doesn't work, so I would be most grateful if s.o. could make a suggestion about what I could be doing wrong (or not doing at all ;) ).


Re: Save and Load

Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2015 2:09 pm
by AndreasR

can you please try to clear your browser cache, then try again?
If loading the game fails again then, can you please post a screenshot of your Javascript console while loading a game?