adding a new terrain improvment

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Re: adding a new terrain improvment

Postby cazfi » Thu Aug 22, 2013 11:39 am

begre1929 wrote:
If this is with a pre-2.5 server, don't be too surprised if it crashes or otherwise misbehaves...

I have freeciv 2.3.4
For your ruleset, would you want there to be some indicator of the presence of units (like the "occupied city" sprite), or would they be completely hidden?

the best (I think), would be to do like in civ2, a sprite for an empty base and a sprite for an occupied base.
This isn't currently possible, although it's a reasonable feature request. I've raised the idea as gna patch #4101, although I've no plans to actually work on it.

ok tomorrow I will download freeciv sources and take a look, if the code is clear enough for my skills I will give a try to work on it and uploading a patch if (when) I get something interesting.

Please follow the ticket ( ). I'll try to get some information added there today about how this will fit in with ongoing extras feature development. (For one, I think there's at least one other patch that should be implemented first as a dependency of this, so that we don't end doing temporary implementation to be soon replaced with new one)

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Re: adding a new terrain improvment

Postby begre1929 » Thu Aug 22, 2013 5:31 pm

Hi cazfi, when you speak about "extra" you mean merging datas of improvments+roads+bases in one structure ?