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Patch for inciting revolt

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 12:15 pm
by Wahazar
When diplomat or spy was trying to incite revolt and was captured, what happened to the money prepared for betrayal?
Of course, clever infiltrator is not keeping this money during first meeting, but he may be victim of provocation - defenders may ask for money first,
or at least part of it, and then capture infiltrator and his money.
Now they can fraud these money, or return them (with small share for them) to the city authorities.

This above is a rationalization of the patch I created, and from gameplay balance point of view, currently wealthy player can produce lot of diplomats/spies and buy almost all cities of a poor player. There should be a probability, that not only unit, but also some gold would be lost during failed attempt to incite revolt, and sometimes such money would be given to the would-be victim.

By now, I have two parameters: probability that gold will be lost, and probability that lost gold will be transferred to the would-be victim.
By default, these parameters are 0, thus it works as usual.
If first parameter is > 0, first dice roll after unit is captured. I money is lost, it is removed from attacker account and second dice roll to check,
if captured money will be transferred to the defender or embezzled by his fraudulent security staff.
If they are transferred, transfer tax is deduced.

  • killing diplomat after successful revolt should depend on gold lost probability, to balance fact of higher expenses (by the way it is weird to kill diplomat if city is ours - ok, maybe there was revenge from angry citizens, but should not occurs always).
    EDIT: done, v2
  • currently function is called twice - then unit is infiltrating tile, and during combat with defending diplomats/spies, both calls are equal. Probability of lost money should be less in the first case.
    EDIT: done, v2
  • currently you may lost all money or no money at all - amount of money lost should depend on unit veterancy level. Maybe there should be always half of inciting money, eventually decreased if unit have higher rank
    EDIT: done, v2

I need some help: where to publish this patch? Is there any advisory committee?
Currently I'm using console to change these parameters. Is it enough to write them into .srv file?

Re: Patch for inciting revolt

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 3:39 pm
by cazfi
Wahazar wrote:I need some help: where to publish this patch? ... issues/new

Re: Patch for inciting revolt

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 6:24 pm
by Wahazar
Well, I've sent patch here

Only half of less (depending on diplomat/spy rank) of the gold needed to incity revolt can be lost during failed attempt to infiltrating city (diplchance),
thus sending v-unit against empty city does make sense in case of high costs.
Always half of the that gold can be lost during diplomatic battle.