Europe 1900 WWI (2.0)

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Europe 1900 WWI (2.0)

Postby XYZ » Thu Jul 28, 2016 11:48 am

Hi everyone,

102 years ago WWI began and I had long planed to refurbished the WWI 1901 scenario. So here it is!

What has changed:

-Railways "streamedlined" to only feature the main railway lines according to a map of 1899.
-populations aprox. adjusted proportionally to their size in 1900 (there was an author bias). In general countries with bigger cities have a population advantage
-forrests added
-Many Russian cities added
-Smaller countries added: Luxemburg, Belgium, Montenegro, San Marino etc.
-Redesigned American East Coast (correct depiction but in smaller scale to make it fit in)
-Islands added
-cities removed/added
-Most roads removed in case cities had already a railway connection
-Norway seeded to Sweden since they formed an union till 1905
-changed flags of Greece and Turkey
-Many regions rearreanged (Bosphorus, Netherlands, Caspean Sea...)
-Main military alliances from 1914 (its in contrast to the 1900 political map and population numbers of the cities)
-Units distributed according to city sizes (more comprehensive).
-All Engineers removed
-and more things I forgot to mention ;-)

What coudnt be done:

-I still had to take the modern Austrian and German flags...
-You still have to balance the budget at the beginning...
-The ai won't behave like someone expects it from a WWI scenario.
You can aitoggle the players and declare war between the nations in the edit mode as you please and then retoggle them.

Report any bugs and have fun!
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