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City loyalty and friat

Posted: Sat May 25, 2019 7:06 pm
by Lachu
In Civilization VI: Rise and Fall was introduced city loyalty. I connect it with my ideas and made it more fit with existing Freeciv mechanism.

My idea is to provide temporary citizens happiness bonus (something like in progress - when you sell slave unit, you will get some gold and make citizens in target city happier for some turns), when you execute action associate with your triat. For examples:
1. Conquering city, while you are military nation
2. Built marketplace, bank or establish new trade route, while you are commercial triat
3. Discover a new technology for some triat

I must tell, Civ VI: Gathering Storm introduces some mechanism similar to proud points, called epoch points. Mechanism present there by me is similar in gameplay, but not in concept. You must realize some action to get prize.

In future, you could make citizens less happy, when other civilization acquired more military point and we have military triat. This requires different implementation, so It is for future.