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various sounds, environment and war

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2019 6:18 am
by Velkro
good I would like to add more sounds than you already have, something to set in different times my ideas are these: -sounds environment where you hear the songs of the birds and the breeze of the wind, something to inspire and desestrezarse as some Sometimes it is stressful to be playing a long period, also the atmosphere of the cities when new times come to feel in the corresponding era would be sensational - some sounds in the units as for example the sounds in air units without counting the helicopter that already has, in the fighters, bombers, etc, that kind of sound of the engine, of the propeller against the wind, also in the ground units such as the old defensive ones, phalanges, pikemen, etc. with their cry of recruitment when selecting it or perhaps the move it and as not an epic war cry when attacking crashing their spears or swords, this also goes for the attacking units, like the horses or elephants with their atancante sound of your animal or the legions too, passing the maritime units like the galleons, triremes or frigates with their sound of attack, with those guns firing, the same happens to the musketeers when the powder arrives an epic sound of muskets firing would not be bad , also in the riflemen, and others, but they are many units, I would only like to hear them, it would be great.