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Federation or many leader of one nation

Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2018 4:26 pm
by Lachu
I like 7k game. There's an option to buy kingdom of another player and this player get bonus dependent on gold he got.

What about add new, always required victory condition? It would be to achieve points divided by player number in federation greater about some value than any other player/players federation? But we don't require this condition to pass if we play alone.

For example: I send a space to another star, but my federation contains two nation and have 1400 points, but another player, who plays alone have 800 points. 1400 / 2 = 700 and 700 < 800 + 200, so we won't won until we pass mentioned condition.

This topic is about two ideas: buying another civilization and our points will be divided by civilization count we bought increased by one. Another idea is to create civilization federation, when players could join to special alliances and remove own from it. In second case, we still divide sum of points by civilizations number in this alliance.

Re: Federation or many leader of one nation

Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2018 8:54 pm
by Ignatus
Who will be in control of units and cities of the federation? If only the main leader, then the subdued one leaves the game and effectively loses (but maybe joining to a teammate should be an option for a player who suddenly has to stop web game). If each one controls his/her own cities, what's the difference with alliance/team?

About buying, it should be done VERY expensive for the game's ballance (if you have ever incited cities next to enemy's capital, you can understand the level of prices). Players not normally have these amounts of money except in late single-player game against very pacifistic AIs (well, humans also can be pacifists, but they are supposed to want to win).

Re: Federation or many leader of one nation

Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 11:01 am
by Lachu
About buying another country: player, who sold themselves lost everything and end game with only gold he received by paid, so he receive end game points based on how many gold he/she have.

About federation - that's like a team, but with players changeable over time, so I can leave the team, but in fact I cannot win with team I leave. For example:
1. I have neighbor being part of another federation
2. Our two federation are in war
3. He have big army
4. I don't wanna loose, so I change federation to my neighbor federation

I think, we cannot change federation all the time - we can only change it after some turn after joining previous