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Add a pop up reminder

Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2013 5:38 am
by Jim-11
There are many times when I need to set a situation for a round or few, but then remember to unset that situation so it is back to normal. One simple example is building a granary that would complete too late if the city is set for normal growth. Then I need to temporarily increase the production for a round or two before I re-adjust it back to my normal for the granary to complete on a just in time schedule. Another example is when I temporarily increase the rate of production (or decrease production and increase growth instead) to coincide with a science advance. My problem is that I forget those temporary adjustments, and then I fail to restore the city to its normal situation and it proceeds to work the less than optimal temporary settings long after I want to change them back to normal.

I would like to have a pop up note on which I can input a location and a number of turns until that location pops up to remind me that there is something at that location I want to take action about. Thanks!