Boat cheat finished ; can't travel with 2 boats on same turn

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Boat cheat finished ; can't travel with 2 boats on same turn

Postby meme » Fri Sep 21, 2018 8:15 am

Soldier are tired from a boat trip ; that's what happened on 6.6.1944.
Only because too windy and too much breakfast.

Easy way to stop cheating is to lose all moving points of a unit when transfered to a second boat.
Only Hermione can travel on 2 boats at the same time !
Or even worse ; leave land move as it is (moving on land ; loading ; or boat to boat)
But give land units (or flying units) a different moving score on boat ( 3 boat-moves on trireme , 4 galleon , 5 transport/carrier) so that moving along with a boat will cost to loaded units boat-moves.
Any unit with no more boat-moves will still have its land moves but no boat will be able to transport it.

programming : Losing all move when transfered to a second boat seems easier to code but cheating is still possible as you can move with two different boat (don't need moves to defend a city OR sending canons to a far away enemy island with a city of your own)
If someone wants to code the second option (Hahaha la bonne blague) :
Be carefull that a unit that used 3 boat-moves on a trireme will have only one extra boat-move after transfered to a galleon
Be carefull not to mixe up boat-moves and see-moves ; flying units can spend flying-moves over see and can be carried (using boat-moves)