Allied victory

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Allied victory

Postby Lachu » Sun Jul 15, 2018 6:37 pm

I know many of my ideas are reckless, but I have playing CivVI: R&F. There's a lot of ideas brought from Freeciv Community, Progress and Seven Kingdoms. For example - districts and wonders outside city are ideas from Freeciv community (community ask to make city to be assembled by more city center than one), specnas (my idea), homes (my idea), era score (brought from Progress' proud point probably), loyality (from 7k).

But In Civ6: R&F exist specialized alliance types. In 7k there's one selectable victory condition: deffead all other kingdom without one alliance. I think, that it could be great to introduce it into Freeciv.

How it would it works? We can sign allied victory alliance only with one player for some time (for example for 20 turns). After this time, alliance is automatically canceled and we can sign again allied victory alliance with the same or different player.

But, if we or our partner (player with we have allied victory alliance active) won, we won too. Of course, some victory condition must be modified to take care about this new alliance type. For example - domination victory shouldn't take care about conquering our ally cities - we won't do it!