Specialised cities.

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Specialised cities.

Postby Lachu » Mon May 21, 2018 5:58 pm

The idea is connection between ideas from Civilization 6 and classic civilization. (1/2/others).

Civilization VI introduced districts (but ideas similar to districts are proposed on Freeciv forum), which radically changes game play. In civilization VI there's also buildings, which effects apply to some radius of land. But... Districts aren't normal cities.

Idea is to introduce specialized cities: living, entertainment, science, war, spaceship, commerce, etc. My idea requires to introduce space for building. Each title type have different space for building and each improvement have other size. We can build every improvement in every city (if we have required space amount), but market/bank/tax exchange will have additional effect, when build in commerce city. Additionally some technology will increase free space of cities (higher building, way to remove rocks or to build city on river/water, etc.).

Specialization will be selected, when city is build. Additionally, some building will have radius of applying effect.

In each city living people and free space are automatically subtract, when new citizen born/arrives. When free space are small, people will be unhappy.