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GTK Messages Widget

Postby GriffonSpade » Sun Feb 11, 2018 8:27 am

I'll be blunt. The 'arrange widgets for small displays' for GTK sucks. And the normal one places the chat/messages widget below both the map/tabs AND the sidebar, preventing me from seeing the chat/messages widget while both sidebar widgets are locked into the frame.

The request is this: Make (Or make a third widget mode that has) the chat/messages widget underneath /only/ the main map/tabs widget to allow the main map/tabs widget to be pushed up, reducing the size of the main map, but moving the chat/messages widget onto the screen. (This is already possible if the sidebar widgets are unlocked)

Specifically, like this (Able to be shrunk downward to expand the map or expanded upward to shrink the map):

Currently, it stretches across the entire bottom of the window, and is thus trapped beneath the sidebar out of sight.

This shows what it currently looks like, with the red line marking the top of the chat widget, and the green arrow pointing out the top of the chat widget's unlock button. Note how it cannot be stretched upward due to the sidebar widgets blocking it.