Religion concept

What would you like to see in Freeciv? Do you have a good idea what should be improved or how?
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Religion concept

Postby drakeraider » Wed Feb 07, 2018 6:11 am

Hey guys. New here. So please guide me if I'm doing this wrong.

I absolutely LOVE religious gameplay in Civ games, from Civ 5 and 6. But due to various reasons, that was never incorporated into Freeciv.
Thusly I felt bad about myself and played more Civ 5.

But my laptop can only barely support it. And that will not do. And I have a hard time with square grids, so I couldn't get into Civ 4 in current state.
So I decided to figure out a solution.

I have written up a concept for how Religion could be implemented into a game like Freeciv while remaining sensitive to real world situations. I'll post it here, for now. I don't know if it'll help, and I don't really care if it's used at all, but my main request is just to have religious gameplay in Freeciv.

Here you go:

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Freeciv Religion Concept


Burial Rites:
Pantheism - +2 Food from all worked tiles

Transtheism - +15% City Output for each Wonder.
Dualism - +2 Relationship Ranks during Diplomacy
Panpsychism - +20% Science progress rate.

Polytheism - Units have +10% effectiveness in combat.
Monolatry - City with Palace gains +100% City Output
Henotheism - Religious Buildings give a +30% Production bonus.

Agnosticism - Religious Buildings give +30% Science progress.
Deism - Religious Doctrines are 15% more effective.
Omnism - Obtain bonus of all currently existing Religions, at 10% Effectiveness
Ignosticism - Gain 10% city output for each religion existing ingame.
Panentheism - +1 Food from all controlled units

Monotheism - Religious Buildings give a +10% bonus to Production, Growth, and Science.
Monism - You may view all cities with Religious Buildings and surrounding area.
Kathenotheism - Prophets generate 50% faster.
Atheism - Your cities/units are immune to other player's religion effects.
Theism - Completely copy another player's religion.


Holy War- Cities with Religious Buildings gain +60% Production towards military units
Reformation- Allows you to build a Great Prophet
Apologetics- Doctrines add +5% bonus to Science rate
Mythos- Religious Buildings have increased Line of Site
Conversion- Religious units gain "Capturer" flag
Missions- Religious units can capture cities with lower Population than their Home City
Hostelry- Units resting in cities with Religious buildings heal in one turn.
State Religion- Cities with Religious Buildings produce 4 additional Luxuries.
Faith- Cities producing Religious Units/Buildings gain +50% Production.
Incarnation- Religious Bonus doubled within area around city with Palace
Priesthood- Cities with Religious Buildings can train Priests
Ceremony- Religious Bonus doubled in celebrating cities
Pilgrimage- Cities with Sacred Sites in workable radius gain 50% Gold production.
Heresy- Remove a Doctrine of a known Religion
Excommunication- Chose a Doctrine you have. Remove it from all Players.
Mandate- Instantly discover a Technology you can research.
Relics- Trade Routes can be established between Cities and Sacred Sites.
Holy Ground- Sacred Sites count as Religious Buildings
Word- Religious Units cost reduced by 50%.
Grace- Doctrines add a +5% bonus to Growth rate.
Blessing- Doctrines add a +5% bonus to Production rate.
Mercy- Enemy units you defeat adjacent to Religious Units you control respawn under your control at 1 HP.
Reincarnation- When a unit you control dies, it adds Production equal to it's Cost to the Production of a random city you control.
Resurrection- Units you control that die adjacent to Religious Units you control respawn at 1 HP.
Restoration- Religious Units heal any adjacent friendly units every turn.
Adulation- Religious units add an "Entertainer" slot to home city.
Offering- Cities with Religious Buildings gain +20% Gold Production
Sacrifice- During Growth, a city automatically produces bonus Luxury points equal to 2x the amount of Citizens. These bonus points are reduced by 1 every turn.
Sacrament- Cities with Religious Buildings gain +10% Food, Science, and Production from worked tiles.
Apocalypse- Accelerate Global Warning and Nuclear Winter two ranks.
Creation- Remove Pollution and Fallout across entire nation.
Holy Ground- Sacred Sites can only be moved onto by your own Religious Units.


-You need the associated Technologies researched to access any of these.
-When you have a Religious Building in a city, that City can create Religious Units.
-When you research Theology, you may see the Tenants and Doctrines of all known players.
-Tenants and Doctrines behave like Technologies, lasting the rest of the game when used.
-Tenants and Doctrines stack with each other and copies of themselves. Percentages stack in a compound manner if possible?

Religious Buildings:
 JS Bach's Cathedral
 King Richard's Crusade
 Michelangelo's Chapel
Religious Units:
 Prophet Cost 100 M:1 A:0 D:0 HP:20 FP:0
  Can consume itself to gain a Doctrine.
  Can only be made if you have a Tenant in place
 Great Prophet Cost 300 M:1 A:0 D:0 HP:20 FP:0
  Can consume itself to gain a Tenant.
  After built, disables option to build more. (Also Cancels Production)
  Upon death when consumed, the tile it's on is flagged as "Sacred Site"
 Priest Cost 30 M:1 A:0 D:1 HP:20 FP:1
  Adds 2 Luxuries to home city.

Aside, do we have Spoiler Tags in this forum?

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Re: Religion concept

Postby Lachu » Thu Feb 08, 2018 10:19 am

As I remember, there's Christianize option in Civilization: Call To Power 2. This action, if successful, consumes actor and makes target's city unable to produce military units for some turns. In my opinion, this option would be good.

I introduced civics concept in my Progress game. It's based on Freeciv, so you can fell free to port it into Freeciv and makes religion one or more slot of Civics.

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Re: Religion concept

Postby Ignatus » Thu Feb 08, 2018 6:16 pm

Introducing religious effects would be nice but I don't like some features that Civ* games have for it. Especially, I don't like that civilizations must race for founding religions and introducing doctrines. That's unrealistic (it's more difficult to found a powerful religion among existing ones but doable, and doctrines have no reason to be unique), and distracts players from other aspects of gameplay.

I would prefer that religious effects would happen more at random: after researching a "technology" like Judaism by a player there is a chance every turn that in any city some part of citizens not too confident in their current beliefs will convert to this religion (number of followers in the same city, in a city by trade route, or with the same nationality or ethnicity increases probability), sometimes it will show wonders (like, pagan enemies attacking a predominantly Judaic city might be killed by lightning out of the blue), doctrines previously unknown may become common, and sects more or less aggressive to each other may appear (more chance if believers are separated by distance or war). A player may support some religions and chase the another, build temples (each religion in a city may have or have not a separate temple) and direct specific reforms, which make the power and the religion interdependent. A center of a religion (if it has necessary doctrine for being centralized) can be founded and owned by a state, this brings benefits and increases the state's influence abroad, but during war more chance for religios division occurs. Preachers can be sent to help spreading of a religion; the Civ* conception of limiting the number of converted by one preacher should be considered for balancing the game but may be replaced by a random chance of dying in a mission (even if the states are not in war), and just making game effect less powerful. I would prefer that in a highly religious society a citizen may just decidde to leave his home (i.e. leave your granary intact) and go to convert people without a flag, or that preachers with some religion but no nationality will appear like barbarians do.

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Re: Religion concept

Postby dunnoob » Fri Feb 09, 2018 12:30 pm

Ignatus wrote:I would prefer that religious effects would happen more at random
So far for my "C-evo religion", where adding more randomness to Freeciv constitutes net abuse. :P

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Re: Religion concept

Postby meynaf » Sat Feb 10, 2018 11:57 am

If you intend to improve the religious aspect of Freeciv, please, by all means, add Atheism in the process. For those who think religions have nothing to do in modern times...

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Re: Religion concept

Postby drakeraider » Sat Feb 10, 2018 4:38 pm

Lachu wrote:I introduced civics concept in my Progress game. It's based on Freeciv, so you can fell free to port it into Freeciv and makes religion one or more slot of Civics.

I'm interested but don't know enough to understand. Could you elaborate/Shameless plug your game so I could understand?

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Re: Religion concept

Postby Lachu » Tue Feb 13, 2018 2:52 pm

In Civilization IV civics was introduced. There's some categories about your country organization, like religion, etc. For example for religion you can select Free religion or priesthood or different. Additionally, each civic must be discovered to adopt it. There's also civics, which allow selection between bureaucracy or free market.

Civilization VI have very similar idea, but government type decided how many slots for military, economic and diplomatic civic you have.

I have partially implemented civics. It allows to use effects mechanism. In effects.ruleset ruleset creator can define, how many slot player have for each type of civics. Ruleset creator can also define effects to activate, when player select some civics.

I have only one think to complete civics - automatically redistribute civics. It's necessary, because number of possible civics to select can changed during game play.