Policy Slider Requirement

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Policy Slider Requirement

Postby GriffonSpade » Sat Dec 23, 2017 8:02 am

So, what seems to be most missed from Policy Sliders right now is the ability to directly check the value of a slider as a requirement. For policy sliders with level step amounts, it seems like it would be rather more useful than multipliers.

Idea for achieving this is to:
1) Add 'policy' field.
2) Add 'policy_req' field.

The policy and policy_req fields would add a Requirement Vector that a policy slider (AKA multiplier) be set to a certain value.

Code: Select all

type    = "Output_Bonus_2"
value   = 10
policy = "Personal Freedom"
policy_req = 2
reqs   =
    { "type", "name", "range"
      "OutputType", "Science", "Local"

So this actually requires both OutputType being Science and Policy "Personal Freedom" being 2. Use of the multiplier field at the same time as the policy field is deprecated, as it's simpler to just change the value.

Also, the policy sliders/multipliers need the help to pop up when scrolled over.

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Re: Policy Slider Requirement

Postby Lachu » Fri Jan 19, 2018 1:26 pm

Alternative is Civics from Civilization IV/Civilization VI. I have partially implemented Civics in Progress game. Progress is based on Freeciv, so you can use code from progress.