Predefined multipliers

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Predefined multipliers

Postby Lachu » Wed May 24, 2017 12:18 pm

I'm rather quite beginning in Freeciv development, but I saw that's in effects.ruleset exist effect types depended on distance. Maybe, instead of creating such effects, better:
- Allow use many multipliers in effects
- Create multiplier like distance

For example Corruption_waste_by_distance could been achieved like this:
type = "Corruption"
value = 1
multipliers = {
"type", "name", "multiply"
"from_reqs'", "distance", "1"
"policies", "centralization", "2"

reqs =
"type", "name", "range"
"distance", "capital", "GovernmentImportant" ; Or Cities in range
"CityTile", "Center", "Local"