Units individual skills

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Units individual skills

Postby Lachu » Sun May 21, 2017 2:40 pm

The idea is to allow:
1. Create a player custom kind of units - player will create new kind of unit by selecting existing and choose skills for it
2. Allow to add skill to unit, when it become more veteran

Producing of units now requires science point also. In real world, people must learn new things in school, barracks, etc.

Player select some existing in game unit and select skills, like marine, faster restoring health, hiding, etc. In next step this new kind of unit is added to research goal and player must wait some turns to this kind of unit is researched. Producing cost of custom kind of units are reduced, especially after mass production are researched.

When unit become more veteran, player can move it to city with barracks and add new abilities/skills. He/She must pay in gold or in production.