X marks the WHAT????

What would you like to see in Freeciv? Do you have a good idea what should be improved or how?
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X marks the WHAT????

Postby Jim-11 » Sat Apr 20, 2013 6:38 am

I would really like to see some changes to the keyboard shortcuts. Listed below are a few of the problems I run into during game play. Some of these keyboard shortcuts seem to be just bad planning on the part of the game developers, and a little effort to change the problem areas would make the game play much better. It would also be great if the next version of Freedciv could offer users the ability to disable any keyboard commands that he prefers to not use, either intentionally or by accident.

(x) The easiest way to center a unit is to type a "c". Unfortunately, the letter "x" is adjacent to "c", and it is much too easy to inadvertently type an "x" when intending to type a "c". :shock: Even worse, the "x" command sends the unit off in some strange direction, to an undesirable location, where it will simply stop and rot until it is later found and told to do something useful. There may be a reason to use the "x" command, but I have not found it yet. Even if "x" is useful, surely it can be changed to uppercase "X" so one must press the shift key to type it, instead of accidentally typing the lower case "x" when intending to type the lower case "c".

(f) So I am playing along and I tell a worker to build a road. Naturally, I use the keyboard shortcut "r" to do that the easy way. Only later I discover that the worker resource has been wasted because I inadvertently typed a "f", which is adjacent to the "r" that I wanted to type. :o The fortify command is useful, but I use it only a few times during a game. It would be much appreciated if that command could also be changed to the uppercase "F", so I would not accidentally type it when I wanted to type the lowercase "c".

(shift-c) I use the keyboard command "shift-v" many times in a game to move all units at that location to a new place. That is especially useful when moving workers to or from a pollution repair. So what happens if I accidentally type the adjacent "shift-c" instead of "shift-v"? Disaster!!! :o :shock: All of the workers in the entire game stop the tasks they were working on, and just flash until they are told what to do. That is a huge amount of very undesirable extra effort, only because "c" is adjacent to "v". If I cannot have the ability to disable the "shift-c" command (that I never use), is it possible to at least change it to something else, like "ctrl-c" or "shift-ctrl-c"? Reducing the pain caused by poor planning with the keyboard shortcuts will help to make the game more fun to play. :D

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Re: X marks the WHAT????

Postby Caedo » Sat Apr 20, 2013 10:18 am

X means "Explore", so it's the auto-explore command. If you want to center on your unit without the risk to send it exploring automatically, click it's icon on the left of the screen. There, fixed.

It often happens to me that I press O instead of I or P, so I'm used to making sure I pressed the right key. Just check when you're afraid you pressed the right key, or just look at your keyboard before pressing the key. Fixed too.

However, I must agree on SHIFT-C, because that's pretty fatal. That should be changed.
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Re: X marks the WHAT????

Postby letsdance » Sun Aug 11, 2013 8:49 am

i concurr the wish concerning the (f) command for settlers and workers. not so much because it can be accidently hit, but to distinguish it from fortify. this also goes hand in hand with the wish from my wishlist to let every unit fortify. but it would be good even without my wish being coded, because it causes less confusion for newbies.