Build unit with preset orders?

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Build unit with preset orders?

Postby mikehg » Fri Mar 14, 2014 10:46 pm

I like playing freeciv with really big maps, and doing the full on industrial warfare thing. Anything that automates some of the micro-management is great.

I think it would be good if you could set a city to build units and automatically despatch them to do things. Some examples:

Build unit, set to auto - if a military unit, sets them to explore. If a settler / worker / engineer, sets them to auto worker.
Build unit, send to friendly city - or perhaps even build unit, send to arbitrary location.
Build unit, follow patrol route.

The obvious application really being setting your internal cities to fill up your border cities / ports with military units.

Perhaps that would pave the way for a mode (perhaps part of the governor settings?) where you could start building units and sending them to the least defended city on the continent, and on arrival have them set their home city and fortify - perhaps even with a few different modes for weighting, such as 'start with closest cities', 'start with furthest cities', or if you're feeling extra clever 'start with cities under threat'.

I did search, but couldn't find similar suggestions logged - which seems strange, because it seems like a fairly obvious enhancement. Any thoughts?