Unit AI commands

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Unit AI commands

Postby GriffonSpade » Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:53 pm

Two Unit AI commands that are somewhat painfully missing are "Explore and Raid" and "Counterattack".(Notably the counterattack seems to existed at some point in the past)

"Explore and Raid" - Similar to the explore command, except when adjacent to an enemy unit or city with moves remaining, it would automatically attack them. This would prevent exploring units with high attack but low defense from dying like fools as they just let enemies kill them.

"Counterattack" - Similar to the fortify/sentry command(preferably fortify, unless it is given priority over the Go command), except when an enemy moves to adjacent tile, and the unit has moves remaining, it would automatically attack them, then begin to fortify back into their counterattack stance, giving a more realistic border defense policy. The server option to automatically attack really isn't very good, as it's ALWAYS active and on EVERY (military) unit, rather than just the ones you pick and choose.

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Re: Unit AI commands

Postby Caedo » Wed Nov 06, 2013 4:20 pm

Something similar to the counterattack thing was there earlier: A unit inside a city could be set to automatically attack, and if there's an enemy unit that they can attack in one turn(and, if they're an air unit, come back before they're out of fuel), they'd automatically do just that. I remember having my stealth bombers set to autoattack, and whenever barbarians appeared in the are of the city(I had the Apollo Program), they'd be dead in one turn. Was pretty nice, I'd like to have it back in the game.

The "Explore and Raid" command could basically be explore with the autoattack thing enabled all the time. Might be useful too, if you want early game war.
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