What would you like to see in Freeciv? Do you have a good idea what should be improved or how?
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Postby Lachu » Mon Dec 18, 2017 7:47 pm

In CivIV, CivV and CivVI exists quests.

In CivIV it have form of messages with selection and each selection starts some event. For example: slavers rebellion - what you would do? a) Kill the rebels b) Investigate first and next kill the rebers. Or: Our nations would like to have national sport. Build station in each city to increase citizen happy factor.

In Civilization V it have form of quest given by city-states (one-city civilization controlled by AI and not able to won) or Citizen demands. For example: Conquer or destroy given city-state to get reward. Another example: Citizens want gems. Provide gems to make citizens happy.

In Civilization VI quest looks similar to CivV.

Proposed kind of quests in freeciv:
- Conquer city for us (this quest must be given by another player by diplomacy)
- Provide some resource (given by city/people of our country - after fulfill it, city production of shield/gold are bigger)
- Protect our city/territory for X turns (this quest must be given by another player by diplomacy)
- Built building in city (given by city/people of our country - after fulfill it, city production of shield/gold are bigger; citizen may be unhappy if city lost this building for other reason than obsoletes it)
- Special achievements/contest - players can create contest and assign other players for it; other player must accept invitation; each player give some gold or other award; one player, who first achieve contest goal will get each award

Example of special contest:
- Who reveal whole map as first
- Who discover some technology as first player
- Who would have population above some value would win
- etc.

Another idea is to allow observers to create contest. Also, there could exist special kind of mode, called story mode, whereas we have game masters, which would create/assigns quests to players. Another mode could be vassal mode, where for some count of players exist master, who giving order to vassals and create contest for vassals. Master doesn't normal player. He hasn't an army and cities. He also cannot build. He observe only, what vassals sees/doing and creates conquest for it,

========= Added =======
Another idea for quests are quest given from the tribal village (huts). When we move our units onto hut, we don't receive bonus, but we receive quest instead. Tribal village doesn't disappear until player complete the quest.
Type of quest from tribal village:
- Find and protect unit
- Move unit created by tribal village onto another tribal village
- Connect this tribal village with your capital (for example with road)
- Research technology
- Join given unit to one of your city
- Protect tribal village for n turn (barbarians are created and we cannot allow them to destroy tribal village)