Sextant-enHANSed: (I Made my own version of Sextant)

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Hans Lemurson
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Re: Made my own version of Sextant

Postby Hans Lemurson » Sat Aug 18, 2018 2:23 am

After 2 months of deliberation, I have finally decided on a name: Sextant-enHANSed

File is attached. I will update the Original Post with this information
This is a preview of what the tileset looks like at the moment. Subtle changes compared to Sextant, but overall easier on the eyes.
I also made my yield-pips larger, from 4 pixels to 6 pixels.
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Wishes he could convert Civ2's scenarios to FreeCiv...
But instead, he made his own tileset variants, RoundSquare and Sextant-enHANSed, and refuses to play on anything else. Check them out!