A few thoughts/issues

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A few thoughts/issues

Postby GriffonSpade » Thu Jun 02, 2016 2:14 am

1) Why does the map grid use City Outline sprites while in observation mode instead of Map Grid sprites? (I noticed both GTK and Qt do this). At the very least I'd expect that they should have their own spec entries. (Observation map grid and Taken map grid, that is) Rather than just using the City Outline sprites automatically.

2) Shouldn't we have a numerical indicator for fuel, indicating how many turns until the unit crashes (and should this start at 0 for 'extra fuel' or 1 for 'fuel remaining' for 'crashes after this turn'? I personally lean towards starting at 0 for extra fuel, since it's somewhat less ambiguous) instead of just a 'low fuel' indicator? And shouldn't helicopters use fuel instead of simply losing hitpoints? Further, what should this look like? A black field with red numbers or something?

3) Shouldn't Missiles automatically die at the end of the turn if they ever move? It's not like you can fly a missile from a city to an aircraft carrier in real life, you have to load the thing up manually.

4) Should flags/unit shields be drawn over top of solid unit background?