Wind farm (wind turbines)

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Wind farm (wind turbines)

Postby VladimirSlavik » Thu Jun 01, 2017 5:01 pm

My original idea was that it could stand on shore and hills to increase production. But use the graphic as you wish! Feedback welcome but not guaranteed to be acted upon.

Technical stuff: The non-preview image is Amplio2-sized, based on "mask" in terrain1.png, ready to plop inside the grid, nothing overlaps outside of tile. I give up any claims to the image to the extent allowed by law - read that as PD or CC-0. I promise not to care and be powerless anyway ;)

edit: Antialiased version (2).
The real deal (v2)
wind_turbines_v2.png (754 Bytes) Viewed 1207 times
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