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Reply to Bug#24030

Postby GriffonSpade » Fri Nov 27, 2015 3:24 am

GriffonSpade here.

The second and third layers are indeed the same: They are the shore-blending and glacier-blending layers. The base layer does non-water corner-blending along with the center.

For the lake tile, adding more green makes it look...greenish. Likewise, adding more red makes it harder to distinguish from unfogged coast when fogged. Adding more blue makes it /glow/, and irritates at least my own eyes. There are only so many tinges of blue before they run together.

The fact that they all use the same shore-blending actually /increases/ their distinction(when near shore), since lake and floor get fairly obvious two-color schemes, while coast is mostly the same color.

For reference, the dominant colors are:
Lake: 0,90,160
Coast: 0,37,160
Fogged Lake: 0,50,88
Floor: 0,30,82
Fogged Coast: 0,20,88
Fogged Floor: 0,17,45

(the wave crests are a bit faded on floor as well)