Art required for freeciv proper (2.6)

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Re: Art required for freeciv proper (2.6)

Postby JTN » Sat Jun 30, 2018 4:08 pm

Re previous post: raised hrm #762838 and hrm #762839 to get these into git, thanks.
GriffonSpade wrote:Removed defunct nuke sprite(s) (Tileset uses a separate, single image) and pointed references to mushroom cloud sprite (Should these be completely removed for 2.6 or wait until 3.0?).

These piecewise nuke sprites have not been read by the code since 2004, so can be deleted without ceremony wherever they are found.
GriffonSpade wrote:I think these are the last of the missing activities?

Trident in git is still in a halfway state; full status in hrm #657394. Should be easy to take the graphics from isotrident. (Did we miss a trident update from you somewhere?)