extraunits for ruleset editors

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extraunits for ruleset editors

Postby GriffonSpade » Thu Feb 20, 2014 9:03 pm

An expanded set of units for the use of ruleset editors. (Not designed for use without ruleset editing; It won't crash, but some units will not display an appropriate image)
GPL 2 License (Credits in Spec files)


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Settlers (Amplio)
Workers (Amplio)
Engineers (Amplio)
Caravan (Amplio)
Trade Ship (Junk)
Freight (Amplio)
Barbarian Leader
Cultist (Amplio Barbarian Leader)
Emissary (Ancient Diplomat)
Diplomat (Amplio)
Spy (Amplio)
Refugee (Amplio)
Explorer (Without Mule)
Explorer (Amplio)
Leader (Amplio)
Throne (Amplio Leader)

Stone Age

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Warriors (Brown Light Infantry)
Hunters (Brown Skirmisher)
Bowmen (Brown Archer)
Horsemen (Brown Light Cavalry)
War Chariots (Brown Chariot Archer)
Horsebow (Brown Cavalry Archer)
Trireme (Amplio)
Red Warriors (Amplio)
Red Horsemen (Amplio)
War Elephants (Amplio)
Barbarians (Brown Warriors with Red Embellishments)
Tribal Hero (Barbarian Leader with Spear)

Bronze Age

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Hypaspists (Red/Bronze Light Infantry)
Hoplites (Red/Bronze Heavy Infantry)
Phalanx (Red/Bronze 'Longspear' Infantry)
Peltasts (Red Skirmisher)
Toxotai (Red Archer)
Forerunners (Red Light Cavalry)
Companions (Red/Bronze Heavy Cavalry)
War Chariots 2 (Bronze Chariot Archer)
Hippotoxotai (Red Cavalry Archer)
Catapult (Amplio)
Quinquireme (Trireme-like Ship)
Blue Hoplites (Amplio Phalanx)
Archers (Amplio)
Chariot (Amplio)

Iron Age

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Gladiators (Blue/Iron Light Infantry)
Legion (Blue/Iron Heavy Infantry)
Pikemen (Blue/Iron 'Longspear' Infantry)
Auxiliaries (Blue Skirmishers)
Sagitarii (Blue Archers)
Equestrians (Blue/Iron Light Cavalry)
Knights (Blue/Iron Heavy Cavalry)
War Chariots 3 (Blue/Iron Chariot Archer)
Centaurs (Blue Archer)
Caravel (Amplio)
Swiss Pikemen (Amplio)
Red Legion (Amplio)
Crusaders (Blue Crusader)
Red Crusaders (Amplio)

Gunpowder Age

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Musketeers (Grey/Red Gunman)
Dragoons (Grey/Red Mounted Gunman)
Cannon (Amplio)
Frigate (Amplio)
Galleon (Amplio)
Blue Musketeers (Amplio)
Sword Dragoons (Amplio)

Steam Age

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Riflemen (Blue Gunman)
Cavalry (Blue Mounted Gunman)
Artillery (Amplio)
Train (Amplio)
Transport (Amplio)
Ironclad (Amplio)
Walking Cavalry (Amplio)

Electric Age

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Doughboys (Green Gunman)
Alpine Troops (White Gunman)
Howitzer (Amplio)
Destroyer (Amplio)
Cruiser (Amplio)
Ski Troops (Amplio)

Combustion Age

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Marines (Amplio)
Partisan (Amplio)
Light Armor (Armor Turret with Thin Gun on Mech Inf chassis)
Heavy Armor (Amplio Armor)
Tank Destroyer (Turretless Armor)
Self-Propelled Gun (Howitzer Gun with Mech Inf chassis)
Submarine (Amplio)
Battleship (Amplio)
Carrier (Amplio)
Fighter (Amplio)
Bomber (Amplio)
Fanatics (Amplio)

Nuclear Age

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Paratroopers (Amplio)
Mechanized Infantry (Amplio)
SAM Battery (Buildings-Large SAM Battery)
AEGIS Cruiser (Amplio)
AWACS (Amplio)
Cargo Jet (Orange AWACS without the radar dish)
Helicopter (Amplio)
Cruise Missile (Amplio)
Nuclear Missile (Amplio)

Space Age

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Ghosts (Black Masked Gunman with Green Visor)
Stealth Fighter (Amplio)
Stealth Bomber (Amplio)

Missing Sprites:

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Armor (WWI)
Battle Armor (M1A1)
Mobile SAM Battery
Jet Fighter
Jet Bomber
War Mech

Code: Select all

Sprites Needing Improvement:
Light Armor
Tank Destroyer
Self-Propelled Gun

Amplio2 XU v2.4.1.0 : 64x48 (Concurrent with Freeciv v2.4.2)
amplio2XU FC2.4.2.zip
(149.88 KiB) Downloaded 360 times

amplio2 XU.tilespec


Amplio2hexbig XU v2.4.1.7d : 64x64 (Requires amplio2hexbig, concurrent with a26b v1.7d)
amplio2hexbigXU v1.7d.zip
(152.82 KiB) Downloaded 300 times

amplio2hexbig XU.tilespec


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Re: extraunits for ruleset editors

Postby bard » Sat Nov 29, 2014 6:47 am

Nice units, very useful to create scenarios.
Thank you for this pack.