ATTENTION: Read me before posting images!

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ATTENTION: Read me before posting images!

Postby JTN » Sun Jan 05, 2014 1:10 pm

Unless you explicitly state otherwise, posting images in this forum implies a tacit acceptance that you license them for use under the GNU GPL (read for details). This is the free software license that Freeciv is distributed under, and we can and will only distribute artwork with our game that is under this license. (This applies from 5 Jan 2014.)

You remain the copyright holder of any images you post, of course, and this licence does not put any limitations on what you can do with your own artwork. It is merely giving others permission to use the artwork in the ways specified in the licence.

Only post images that you have created, or that you have gotten explicit permission to distribute under the above license, or that are in the public domain for some reason. In the latter case, spell this out clearly and attribute the correct author.

Thank you very much for your attention - now go out and make tilesets!