MP2-Caravel officially released on

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MP2-Caravel officially released on

Postby qrtv10 » Thu Jul 29, 2021 11:27 pm

MP2-Caravel is now officially offered on in it's beta version.

MP2-Caravel is the fourth iteration of the MP2 ruleset and the current flagship of the MP-branch which started from the original MP (multiplayer) ruleset. The MP-branch are the most popular rulesets for longturn Freeciv games. MP-rulesets are also suitable for singleplayer gaming.

MP2-Caravel is a major revolution for longturn play. It brings many new features and upgrades.

New to MP2-Caravel:

1. Lower costs for ancient units (e.g. Warriors cost 20% less.)
2. Accelerated start with new Founders unit
3. Ancient period enhanced with large variety of strategic paths.
4. New wonders added including new kinds of wonders: Tribal and Civil.
5. Radical rework of old governments and three new ones!
6. New unit actions like special attack, ramming, special defense and instant "iPillage".
7. Tons of smaller improvements.

Comparison between MP2-B And MP2-C: ... el_Summary
Full manual including all changes since original MP: ... ame_Manual

We have just started a longturn game with MP2-Caravel, Game 33. You can read more about it here: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=91968
You can join it on

You can of course also try MP2-C in singleplayer. Just follow this link: ... ngleplayer (Click game, and select ruleset: Multiplayer 2.3 Caravel).

Join our Discord-community here:

Many thanks to the whole community, incuding players, developers of Freeciv, volunteers and patreons. Special thanks to Lexxie (Project leader for MP2-C) and Andreas, the creator of Freeciv Web and all Freeciv developers.

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Re: MP2-Caravel officially released on

Postby Dino the Dinosore » Sun Aug 22, 2021 8:47 pm

This is great, as someone who is into rulesets I like a lot of the ideas. Thanks to all involved.

Question - I would like to see the actual ruleset files (units.ruleset, script.lua, etc.). The site has a link "Developers" which goes to a github repo which I thought would have those files, but something seems off. I started researching the Founders unit (which is a great idea), and found the graphics and spec for it - freeciv/freeciv/data/amplio2/units_oversize.png and freeciv/freeciv/data/amplio2/units_oversize.spec, but the units.ruleset file found at /freeciv/freeciv/data/mp2-caravel/units.ruleset does not contain a Founders unit. Is this repo not up to date? Is there someplace else I can find the files that are actually being used?