"Simulation" ruleset, v2.0 (was: "Corbeau's Ruleset) - WORK IN PROGRESS

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"Simulation" ruleset, v2.0 (was: "Corbeau's Ruleset) - WORK IN PROGRESS

Postby Corbeau » Fri Nov 09, 2018 3:51 pm

As LT42 has started, I'm hoping it will receive input from players that will make it possible to further advance on the Quest for The Perfect Ruleset.

v1.0 and a few pages of updates and discussion is here.

For starters, a comprehensive, systematic and thorough summary of v1.0 can be seen and commented here.

The v1.0 of the ruleset itself can be checked here.

And further ideas, comments, criticism, discussion starters, can be posted in this thread.

I'll start with my own, with this post to be heavily updated.

- pollution on water and amphibious Engineers (MP: 1)
- river movement: 2/3 MP
- IgZOC: 1 MP/tile
- ? remove Diplomats and/or immediately start with Spies ?
- make Pyramids cheaper

Fix Fundamentalism. Ideas:
- rename to Theocracy
- sci x0.5 or less
- libraries no effect, university causes unhappiness
- low financial upkeep for units
- maybe free 1-coin buildings

- Warriors obsolete by Pirates/Barbarians
- city defence bonus rises by 10% per size point
- make Workers slightly cheaper?

type = "Veteran_Build"
value = 0 ---------------> 1

[effect_palace] & 1 - uncomment (how did they end up commented in the first place?)

Prerequisite switch:
Republic needs Philosophy (was Literacy)
Democracy needs Economics (was Banking)

Fix Factory MF (and MF itself)

set diplchance_steal=100
set techlost_recv=0

Less liberal unit upgrading. All options open. Need... to... think... nnnngh...

Specialization: "dead end" military techs: Panzer I, II, III... Separate barracks for different types of units?

Separate factories for different military units

New unit: River boat. Native terrain: rivers only. Carried by Transporter. Can carry 1 Land or Small Land unit. (Gif?)

fix: diplomats, native, roads

fix type = "Tech_Upkeep_Free" \ value = 3

Gunpowder and Automobile +1 to city radius.