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Re: Civ traits and trait-specific units

Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2018 2:21 pm
by vodot
Update: It Runneth on 2.6! Moving on to getting the help text and and unit stats correct. Going to try to gitify everything now that it runs.

Re: Civ traits and trait-specific units

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 2:28 pm
by vodot
So the mod I ended up getting working here is actually my "resplendent" mod, which (in addition to adding the titular Civ Traits) retools and much expands the tech tree (mostly from the middle-ages onward) and doubles the unit count. That's a fun experiment for me, but the mod is essentially a hot mess- it runs, yes, but I've yet to update the 47 new units' stats and attributes for 2.6 (they mostly have dummy values), and the techs that don't yield new units are just pitiful, empty boxes in the tree.

I obviously need to split the civ traits mod away from this overwrought Resplendent monster, so that is next. Now there are three projects getting my attention:

0. Split Civ-Traits off from Resplendent, probably reducing the nation count to simply the 50 'Core' nations. I will probably drop a trait or two to accomplish this; not sure which two make the most sense. Philosophical is definitely the most redudant. Protective as well, perhaps.

1. Updating Resplendent until I achieve at least what I'll call a rev 0.5.0 state, the intent of which would be to gitify the project and flesh out the new tech tree with bonuses, buildings and wonders large and small in a way that is proportional to the unit count.
- Stretch goals for that effort would include exploring splunching it with NExtended, which expands (and prequels) the first half of the tech & unit tree.

2. I've recently wanted to take a stab at increasing immersion and the sense of story (at least in the english text of the game) with a rewrite from a more historical/encyclopedic perspective ala retail Civ games.
- Stretch goals for that effort would be implementing some sort of unique, dialogue driven, static portrait diplomacy (For 1 leader each, for the Core nations only, with generic stand-in images/dialogue for all others).

Re: Civ traits and trait-specific units

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2018 2:29 pm
by vodot
Potential new (reduced) Trait List for splitting off the Civ Trait mod from Resplendent:
- Unique units and buildings removed (for now, could be optional)
- "Philosophical" and "Protective" traits removed

  • Militaristic
    - Mounted and Siege-type land units gain +1 MP
    - Mounted and Siege-type land units built with +2 EXP
  • Agricultural
    - All worker units built with +2 EXP
    - +1 food from all Irrigated tiles
  • Diplomatic
    - +10% chance of espionage success
    - Free AI Love each turn
    - +1 MP all diplomat-type units
    - All Diplomatic units built with +2 EXP
  • Imperialistic
    - Halved waste and corruption in all cities
  • Industrious
    - +25% Production in all cities
  • Maritime
    - +1 Food all Ocean tiles
    - All Naval units built with +2 EXP
    - +1 MP all ships
  • Mercantile
    - +25% gold and luxuries in all cities
  • Naturalistic
    - +25% defense in hills, desert, jungle, and forest
    - All terrains cost 1 MP
    - +1 food and +1 trade in forests, jungle, swamp, tundra, and hills
  • Nomadic
    - Foot units heal an extra +10% HP every turn.
    - +1 food, +1 trade, and +1 production for Desert and Arctic tiles
  • Inquisitive
    - +25% Science in all cities
  • Spiritual
    - Halved war weariness
    - force_happy=1 in all cities

todo for "Civ Traits" standalone mod:
[*]Start new Mod (based on... what ruleset?)
[*]update effects.ruleset
[*]update nationslist.ruleset
[*]update nations.ruleset
[*]update changed nationX.rulesets

Re: Civ Traits for every 'Core' Nation

Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2018 1:51 pm
by vodot
I have finished my new civ/trait list for the 50 core nations. One thing that would be just unbelievably helpful now was if I could give nations init_techs from a table inside my ruleset, instead of having to do what I currently need to do- clone the nations folder and edit every single nation file.

Re: Civ Traits for every 'Core' Nation

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 5:32 pm
by vodot
I raised an issue (#765533) for the above request (to allow a ruleset to assign init_techs to nations via a table, instead of requiring a clone of the nations folder to make any changes to nations).