friendly mercenary tribes

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Re: friendly mercenary tribes

Postby dunnoob » Thu Feb 01, 2018 8:07 pm

Akechi wrote:If we have not Chivalry or Knights is obsoleted, then we obtain Musketeers if we have technology Gunpowder (but must not have Conscription).
If we have not Gunpowder or Musketeers is obsoleted, then we obtain Legion. :shock:
Strong support for :shock: :shock:, on the XnView phpBB they have :bug:Image, :bugconfirmed:Image, and :bugfixed: Image.

IIRC a classic units.ruleset comment mumbles something about order is significant and always taking the last possible unit as you said, and your explanation first (legion) if last (musketeer) is obsoleted matches what happens, but obviously this isn't as it should be. The legion is also or even more obsolete, I'd want riflemen (unless nobody has conscription), i.e., a last-last instead of a last-first logic.