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Posted: Sun Nov 01, 2015 10:09 pm
by Kissy Sw├╝enzenberg
Good evening, I began to play FreeCiv recently, and I know that it is possible to create a set of own rules as I always had Preference by the antiquity, wanted to create an own style that allowed relive this time, has even created two cenerarios, one based on mediterranean and another in the Middle East, I know eiste a specific cenerio to medio east however is too large, mine is 80x64, but find it difficult to create nations, I also know that there is already the Ancients, but I find it very bad, what I wanted would change would be the research and buildings, though retaining most as the standard, basically removing just what would be 'modern' would be interesting that you correctly write because I am from Brazil and tou using translator. Thank you :D