Advice Needed for Unit Flags/abilities

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Advice Needed for Unit Flags/abilities

Postby ToneTW » Tue Jan 14, 2014 3:08 pm

I am attempting to make an Ancient Warfare/Civilisation Ruleset to reflect this I was hoping to achieve the following if possible:

- Phalanx units that are superior on open terrain such as grassland and plains but suffer in forests/jungles
- Heavy units or Legionaries that suffer slightly in forests/jungles but not as much as Phalanx
- Conversely Light units would do much better in forests/jungles and against other light units and heavy units on broken ground
- Tile stacking limits? with open terrain holding more units than closed terrain

These are just a few of the tactical issues I would like to implement. Ideally I was hoping that units could have terrain attack/defence modifiers and modifiers for or against types of units but looking through ruleset files I could not make out anything like that except from Horse/Pikemen Flag for example.

If these are not possible let me know I might be able to work something else out.